Two quick thoughts

Britney Spears, you’re a mother. Stop prancing around the stage near-naked and making a fool of yourself. And stop lip-syncing. It’s painfully obvious, and proves once again that you’re a talentless hack. Please give your children a better example.

And Kanye West…

Kanye West says he’ll never return to MTV.

The 29-year-old rapper, who was shut out at the Video Music Awards on Sunday night, threw a tantrum in front of media and crew backstage as the MTV show was ending.

West, waiting for an elevator in a crowded hallway, began yelling about losing all five categories for which he was nominated, including male artist of the year.

“That’s two years in a row, man … give a black man a chance,” said West, stomping around his entourage and directing his comments at a reporter. “I’m trying hard man, I have the … No. 1 record, man.”

Kanye, plenty of black artists have won VMAs, Grammys, and awards of every sort. You already have SIX (count ’em…six) Grammys. No one is pushing you down because of your race. I know that you probably feel persecuted sitting in your $7.2 million Beverly Hills home, but you’re a multi-platinum artist with all the fame and money you need. Settle down and grow up.

That’s all. I just saw the Drudge Report this morning and got annoyed at two of the most senseless artists currently performing.

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