Geaux Tigers!

Almost 20 years ago, the Dean family moved to Louisiana from St. Louis. We were St. Louis Cardinal, Dallas Cowboy, Texas Longhorn fans. My family had moved around quite a bit, but finally settled down in Louisiana when I was five-years-old. Therefore, the only state that I’ve called home is Louisiana.

Louisiana isn’t splintered like some states. Florida has Miami, Florida, and Florida State. Texas has Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech. Oklahoma has Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. California has Cal and USC. You get the idea.

Louisiana does have Louisiana Tech, Tulane, and Northwestern State, but the only “top tier” college in the state is LSU. The entire state just feels like it bleeds purple and gold.

Tonight #2 LSU beat #9 Virginia Tech. Yes, we gave them a nice little remembrance ceremony at the beginning and our band even played the VT fight song, but once the game began, no mercy was shown. The final: 49-7 LSU.

The SEC gets virtually ignored by the media (it seems that most networks and publications have a crush on USC and Ohio State), but there’s no denying by any truly objective observer that it is far and away the most dangerous and feared conference in football. LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Vanderbilt (do they really count?), Mississippi State, and South Carolina. If you scrape your way out of that conference (and past the conference championship) without a loss, you deserve to be in the National Championship. Period.

I heard that LSU’s schedule was mocked as “not as tough as USC’s” tonight on ESPN.

Load. Of. Crock.

The Golden Tigers have a long way to go this season, but it’s faithful fans have plenty to cheer about and get excited for after tonight’s showing. We love the purple and gold; all we have to do now is win out to face USC in the championship. That is, if USC manages to scrape by their impressive schedule, which includes NO current top-10 teams. Louisiana just beat the #9 team, and they have #4 Florida coming up in four weeks (not to mention the hopefully inevitable SEC championship game, which WILL include another top seed.

I’m blathering, but all I really wanted to say was, “GEAUX TIGERS!!!”

Matt Flynn


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